3 WWE 2K19 Wishlists Fans Want to See This Year

WWE 2K19 Wishlist

WWE 2K19 Wishlist: Despite the raging success carried forward by WWE 2K19, the gameplay has to go through a lot of tweaks and customization options, and to must say, those are plentiful. Years have passed ever since fans are awaiting an inventive and a genuine gameplay. And the most disappointing part is, WWE 2K games have coasted on the similar game engine sans any fresh changes made by developers. Even more disappointing is, 2K even now is plagued by similar and age-old problems. So overall, the long-standing issues still continue, and it is perhaps incredibly very disappointing. So, a much-awaited and wishfully anticipated WWE 2K19 is expected to be taken over. Here are some fans’ vocal as WWE 2K19 wishlist.

WWE 2K19 Wishlists: 3 Awaited Ones

WWE 2K19 Wishlist

Improved Graphics

The most significant drawback about WWE 2K games has been of the visuals. Since a couple of years, the game has been out of date when compared to other sports-based video games. Every year 2K lands in with promising features of characters, and every year fans expect a robust look at the models, disappointingly the game fails to impress loyalists on this very front. There’s also a big gulf of quality between the worst-looking and the best-looking wrestlers. WWE 2K19 could feel as eye-popping and flashy as the publisher’s rest of the sports franchises. you love to check about the wwe 2k20

Expansive Universe Mode

The Universe Mode happens to be an absolute slog of developer’s offering. Precisely saying, it is a stamina-sapping dull simulation when it comes to the typical WWE schedule. Starters would have more excitement if developers keep Universe Mode with a wealth more freedom, in terms of wrestler booking, dictating match outcomes, and more. More appropriately saying, the Universe Mode needs to lean into a lot more fantasy.

A King-Size Backstage

An expanding backstage area can ever be more fun, in terms of covering a wider area of the wrestling arena. A king-size backstage means, players would be able to fight through concessions area and even they can exit the arena. In this case, the ‘open-world’ setting would carry a deeper meaning, when it comes to WWE 2K games.

The Final Words

The WWE 2K19 is expected to land in globally in the month of October this year. So, before it releases, we must look forward to getting more news and rumors about the longly anticipated wrestling game. Until any vocal emerges, here’s the waiting for more WWE 2K19 wishlists. Have your own wishlists? You can share it in the comments section right below.