NBA 2K18 New Features Sport Some Exciting Aspects

new features of NBA 2k18

We first got introduced to the NBA 2K game back in 1999 and since then the gamers have got introduced eighteen intriguing basketball simulation games. And now people are extremely thrilled to see what the next installment has in store for them. We already know that the next entry will get rolled out in the market on September 19 but people have got an idea about the NBA 2K18 features.

And for those who are not yet aware of what the nineteenth edition is going to put forward can have a look at the features of it which are given below.

The Exciting New Features of NBA 2K18

The next game in the well received series will surely turn out to be much more powerful than its predecessor and even the players are expecting it to sport some of the most premium features. The good news is Manager Mode will be yet again seen in the new game and this particular section is quite preferred by gamers because they can manage the team with the help of it. And most of them wanted the developers to keep the Manager mode this time as well.

My Career Mode on the other hand will also be there in the new game. This seems to be quite a good news for all the NBA 2K fans as the particular mode helps users in creating players of their own choice. Therefore, it seems that that the retaining of the feature will turn out to favorable for gamers yet again. NBA 2k18 My Career Mode is best utilized by people who know every nitty gritty of the game due to which they can use the mode in the best possible way. And it is certainly a fan favorite feature which is liked by many of them.

Editions of the NBA 2K18 Game

We already know that there would be three editions of the nineteenth installment. One would be the Standard edition and the other would be the Legend edition and the last would be the Gold edition.

Several fans rejoiced when they got to know that Kyrie Irving has been picked as the cover artist for the Standard edition as many of them had predicted about it. Talking about the cover artist for the Legend edition of NBA 2K18 game, it has been declared officially that Shaquille O’ Neal has been selected as the one.

Coming to the Gold edition of the nineteenth edition of the basketball simulation game, it will provide the players with limited edition posters of Shaq along with 40 weekly My Team packs, Shaq in-game items and 250, 000 virtual currency.

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The release of the next basketball simulation game in the series is highly awaited by every fan as they want to experience the NBA 2K18 new features as soon as possible. The hype around it is immense due to which people are envisioning the game to live up to their expectations. And the features of it do look quite promising.