iOS 11 Might Just Sport the Virtual Reality Feature – Get Ready


A buyer would surely do some research regarding a device before purchasing it, he or she would go through every detail and will definitely the check the OS which the device runs on first. Therefore, an operating system can be called as the heart of any kind of device, be it a laptop or a Smartphone or maybe a tablet. Even the tech experts work really hard on creating the operating system apart from the other factors. And this itself indicates that a lot of things regarding a gadget depends upon its respective OS.

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As we all know that whenever a well-received device starts taking over its counter gadgets, the competition eventually soars higher. Likewise, there is even a strong competition which is still going on among Android, iOS and definitely Windows. Most of the people end up using Smartphones or any other devices which run on any of these three operating systems and this itself elevates the competition by making it stiffer.

Talking about Apple’s iOS, the operating system has always brought forward some or the other new and innovative feature right after the release of a particular variant. And now that iOS 10 has turned out to be satisfied for several users, they are hopping bigger when the next OS in the series gets available for installing. The talks are already on regarding the upcoming operating system which will be created by Apple but the release date for it has not been officially declared by the American multination technology giant company.

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Rumors are surely at rife regarding the iOS11 and some seem to be quite fascinating while some might actually get equipped with the OS after it releases. However, almost every version of the operating system has been unveiled in September so does that mean that iOS 11 has great chances of getting actually launched in September 2017?

This might actually happen as well but you never know Apple may announce some other release date for iOS 11 Beta. So we should definitely keep our fingers crossed until anything is officially announced. However, can be expect a better and a much convenient Apple’s AI which is known as Siri with the iOS 11. Siri is one of the best features and even Samsung might just follow the trend by introducing Bixby. Nevertheless, according to many Apple fanatic Siri is quite behind Google Assistant therefore Apple actually has to buck up now in order to surpass the features of its competitor.

FaceTime on the other hand is another cool feature but that too need an upgrade. People can only FaceTime those who owns an iPhone, that may not be a problem at all but you can do group video calling through Skype. So, some of them may demand the company to introduce the same for FaceTime when the iOS 11 launches. And this would surely be a great addition.

iOS 11 may take few more months to get introduced to its avid users but the wait is definitely going to be worth it because of the cool features that the OS is predicted to sport.