iOS 11 Download: Before You Begin, Here Are The Top Points to Remember

iOS 11 download

Before you begin the iOS 11 download, it is important to remember that the new Apple flagship OS has a lot of new features, some of which are nearly new. You cannot be expected to download any new app or operating system without knowing the really great features of the said program. Hence, we have chosen to inform you of top points to remember before you decide to upgrade to the new OS.

iOS 11 Download: The Top Points

Before you begin, we must mention that there are many new features aboard the new OS. One of the first ones which must be highlighted is the new dark mode or the night mode. This is the one great feature which we cannot but mention. This night mode will not only help you stride over difficult situations inside a darkened movie hall, where the mere act of taking a call will lead to flared tempers as the phone screen will light up. To get rid of that scene and to save your eyes, not to mention your battery juice, you must turn on the dark mode. This feature was highly anticipated in the last edition as well; unfortunately, it did not arrive. This year, however, you have got just the thing.


In order to get the best out of the iOS 11 download, you must head over to the newly redesigned Siri. Siri is the AI-based digital personal assistant which has proven to be one of the best such assistants ever devised. This means that it will also be the object of much more development and this year too, there have been many new features which have been added. Onboard are two new voices: one male and another female. The diction is much clearer and Siri itself is much more responsive now. To that end, it will also help in guiding you through any foreign city by being able to translate the maps which may be in a foreign language.

iOS 11 download
iOS 11 download

Lastly, we have been bowled over by the newly designed control center on the iOS 11. To sum, it now supports drag and drop, which means that you can now prioritize which apps you need the most and which apps can wait for now. The drag and drop feature is also ideal for one handed use.


In the end, we hope that you will seriously consider the iOS 11 download. This version of the iOS is perhaps the best of the lot. Should all of the iOS 11 beta features migrate to the final version, we expect that Apple’s market share will soon rival that of Google’s Android.