Here’s how Microsoft Engineers Designed Xbox One X!

Xbox 2 specs

Ever since the gaming console was rumored, Xbox One X has massively been anticipated with new updates and designs. But with the E3 Press Conference, we have been offered with the official name for the console which was previously speculated as Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio. However, Project Scorpio remains to be the code name whereas One X has become the ultimate name for Microsoft’s upcoming gaming console.

Talking about Xbox One X features, the utmost key specs is its GPU which is packed up with a 6 teraflops of graphical performance alongside it has 40 compute units running at a clockspeed of 1172MH. Perhaps it’s a huge leap of both PS 4 Pro and Xbox consoles. Particularly the GPU is 4.6 times more efficient and powerful than the original Xbox One. Xbox One X should not trouble gamers with the foray into the virtual reality.

But with the new upgrades, we have been gathered one more thing! That is, the console will run efficiently with the use of Microsoft’s new DirectX 12 graphics API, which the developers claim to result in console’s efficiency savings for titles to be running on the API. The rest of Xbox One X’s hardware has also been improved; whereby One X’s memory boosted by 60% over the original Xbox and CPU to increase speed from 1.75GHz to 2.3GHz.

XBox 2 specs

While the motherboard is concerned, it is designed with extra improvements and is going to adapt the power delivery in order to match specific characteristics of the individual chip of the console. However, this isn’t limited, as the console’s audio processing has also been improved along with the addition of Dolby Atmos in the upcoming Xbox One X.

Apart from that, Xbox One X will be using a vapor chamber in order to dissipate heat out from the console’s back. Microsoft engineers played a vital part in designing the console after analyzing the existing console’s hardware bottlenecks and graphics engines; thereby creating a prototype by using hardware emulators.

Few days before the presentation of Microsoft’s E3, Mike Ybarra the American journalist posted on Twitter which read, “We’ll keep tuning Scorpio to empower creators to share the best versions of their games. Unlocked extra GB of RAM for them, now 9GB of GDDR5.” But Microsoft has 12GB of GDDR5 RAM along with the reserved 3 GB for the system itself; this exactly means that One X developers have 9GB of RAM for their games.

Xbox One X is set to get launched by the first half of November in the US and the UK with a price tag of $ 499 and $449 respectively.