Galaxy S8 Pledged to beat the iPhone 8 in the Gen-Y Smartphone Design Race

Design: As far as the Apple iPhone 8 is concerned, the Smartphone makers are planning to completely get rid of the design and have an innovative all glass body. The reports have suggested that Apple has begun the work on the redesigning of the Smartphone and its prime focus is the removal of the home button for its 2017 model.



As far as the Samsung Galaxy S8 is concerned, the metal design remains, for it has proved to eb a huge success for the makers. However, what’s new is the fact that the makers have decided to launch two new designs, one which will have a 5.5-inch 4K display and another 5.1-inch handset with a 2.5K screen.

As far as the iPhone 8 is concerned, people do have many hopes!

Camera: A camera upgrade for the S8 comes in mandatory for the dual lens camera of the iPhone 7 already has people in its favour. There has been news that the company has made orders for components which are in favour of the Smartphone to be soon getting a dual lens camera with its S8 model.

However, at the end of it all, these are mere rumours, and if at all they are to be held true, the makers are up with a DSLR level camera, with the 5.5 inch device getting the dual lens.

Resolution: The latest campaigns that Apple has been working upon clearly state how much Apple has lent all its focus upon photography related campaigns, wanting to become the number one Smartphone as far as the camera needs are concerned. The sensor technology that Apple phones will use in its camera is clearly been stated in a report.

Samsung is sure on its wake of improvement, but Apple is sure trying to remain a step ahead in terms of all the camera needs, for its desire to be the number one in Smartphone photography.


The rumours clearly suggest that Apple is a step higher, and well, it is nothing that we don’t know about. However, there were a lot of rumours that were around the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well, but then there cannot be too much spoken in confidence and in a particular direction about the devices.

So wait up for both the Smartphones and look out as they both turn out to be the best of the Smartphones for the next year! for safty you much choose best galaxy S8 case for your device.