Galaxy Note 6 vs Note 5 : Which one better

According to the new rumors smasung Galaxy Note 6 or Galaxy Note 7 is on the way and most probably release in the Month of August. According to a survey Samsung is the most popular Smartphone manufacturing company in India. Its Note series is far popular than its S series. Unfortunately the Galaxy Note 5 did not impress a lot to the buyers. The main reason of disappointment is the new note flagship is as similar to the Galaxy S8. You can find same features in these two handsets and the only difference you can find out that is the screen size. For this reason, many Samsung lovers are expecting that Galaxy Note 6 will be more success in the market than other handsets.


According to the Samsung official website Galaxy Note 5 is slimmer than its predecessor and the body part is framed with sleek metal and glass. User can easily use the S pen on its smooth surface. This new handset also offers a high power back up system because it has longer battery life and you can get super fast charging facility in this handset. It has powerful better quality camera to capture high definition photos. It also features sideSync, to easily connect your notes and files from your smart phone to your laptop or PC. You can also get some other features like texts, reminders and alerts even the perfect location of your computer.

As Galaxy Note 5 also comes with all the features like Note 6 but having these impressive specifications, fans are not satisfied on this handset. Customer felt that Samsung messed with them when they launch the Galaxy Note 5 smart phone. So hope fully this famous south Korean company might have a better plan for its next Galaxy Note, according to know your mobile. People are expecting a lot from Galaxy Note 6. According to the rumor the device might comes with somas interesting features.

High quality camera sensor:

Samsung usually increases their camera pixels but the sensor always determines the quality of the picture. It is sure that Samsung will not apply pixel increase trend but this time it will definitely improve the camera sensor.

Battery: Galaxy Note 5 comes with 3000 mAh battery but it was not enough for the handset. In recent days other brands are providing 4000 mAh so may be Samsung will try to give 4000 mAh battery for the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 handset.Are you looking foe best portable charger for your galaxy note 6, just click here for detail guide.