How to Fix Various Freedom Apk Not Working Issues


Freedom is an app that has been a great help for all the users regarding unlocking premium features, and buy multiple levels, powers, and coins on games; as well as locking certain apps that can take away your time and play with your productivity. But, though this app is quite famous still the users complain of dealing with certain issues. Here in this tutorial, we will deal with different Freedom Apk Not Working issues.

Here we have discussed two major issues that can trouble you while using the app Freedom.

Freedom Apk Not Working

This error is very familiar that most of the users come across while using Freedom apk on their Android devices. To fix this error, follow these steps

  • First, download a file explorer like ES File Explorer or Root Explorer to edit system files.
  • Now go to “System” folder in Root directory.
  • Navigate to “System Folder” and open “etc.” folder and paste this code – local host.
  • Save the host file
  • Next open Applications Manager in settings menu
  • after that open Google Play Store and click “Clear Data” button
  • Finally, reboot your device and you are done.

We expect the process will serve you well.

Freedom app not working

No Connection Error in Freedom Apk

This is another issue that the users of Freedom have faced a lot. So here is the simple solution to deal with the problem.

  • To fix this on Google Play store, you have to install another app “Lucky Patcher.”
  • Now enable “Google License Verification Emulation,” “Proxy Server for Google Play” and “Google Billing Emulation” from Switches at Lucky Patcher.
  • Make sure “In-App Services to Google Play” and “License Services to Google Play” are turned on.
  • If it is not so, turn them on to the green and leave them and turn the other options off once you are done.
  • Restart the app then and hopefully, your problem of ‘No Connection Error’ will be gone by then.

This process may work for you.

Final Words

Hope this guide will help you to deal with different Freedom apk not working issues and with that, your time will again be saved from the other distracting apps. It will also help you again to buy unlimited levels, powers, and coins on games for the gamers and of course unlock premium features for jumping into the next level.