latest news of Borderlands 3
Xbox 2 specs

Here’s how Microsoft Engineers Designed Xbox One X!

Ever since the gaming console was rumored, Xbox One X( has massively been anticipated with new updates and designs. But with the E3 Press Conference, we have been offered with the official name for the console which was previously speculated as Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio. However, Project Scorpio remains…

new features of NBA 2k18

NBA 2K18 New Features Sport Some Exciting Aspects

We first got introduced to the NBA 2K game back in 1999 and since then the gamers have got introduced eighteen intriguing basketball simulation games. And now people are extremely thrilled to see what the next installment has in store for them. We already know…

A better journey mode in FIFA 18

Watch out the Maps of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6

It has been quite some time since the GTA fans have been awaiting some news about the GTA VI. Though we aren’t expecting the GTA 6 any time soon, a must wait and watch for the audiences as far as the GTA VI is concerned…