Better Journey Mode to be Unveiled with the Upcoming FIFA 18

A better journey mode in FIFA 18

FIFA 18: Sports have always been a craze for every sports enthusiast. And when it comes to football, people are far more excited about FIFA. Ever since the game was launched, it has been updated with each new edition of the game. And now that we have already spent much time in FIFA 17, which was released last year, serious gamers want to move on. Well, moving on here means they are in the hope of getting a much need updated edition, yet again. Numerous reports have been given where it states that EA Sports is going to make a comeback with FIFA 18. In this article, we will be describing various wishlist features which are supposed to come with FIFA 18.


FIFA 18 Cover Star: Fans are in the mood of debating about the biggest thing that is expected by this upcoming edition; regarding the cover star. Recently we have seen a couple of footballers coming from different parts of the globe. We have witnessed Lionel Messi, Marco Reus, and Wayne Rooney as well. But the debate goes off who is going to be chosen this time in FIFA 18. According to the latest reports, EA Sports might choose Dele Alli, when we are concerned with FIFA 18 Cover Star. This young man had managed to grab all attentions from fans when he was playing MK Dons.

FIFA 18 will have a better journey mode

FIFA 18 Journey Mode: FIFA 17 with its journey mode has already taken a leap when it comes to both popularity as well as gameplay. But when we talk about FIFA 18, makers of the game are surely going to try something better in FIFA 18 Journey Mode. Journey mode is something to be called as the career mode. It allows gamers to play like that of Alex Hunter, but at the same time, the movement and journey get controlled throughout the FIFA universe. However, with journey mode one can put the effort of being an inspiring footballer and create his mark in the world of football. It has been a long time that the FIFA freaks are hoping to get such an amazing FIFA journey mode. According to rumors, EA Sports is speculated to create multiple choices of players; each will be having stories, unlike the others.

FIFA 18 Crowds: For real life footballers, the crowd is not a choice; it’s a definite factor which plays the key role. Gamers playing FIFA also witness somewhat same kind of feeling; after all, they live the virtual world of FIFA. After all, through FIFA’s virtual world players get an essence of being into the real game. And FIFA gamers always hope to see realistic crowd along with an authentic atmosphere. Now that FIFA is using Frostbite engine, they can achieve incredible graphics. And for gamers, they can hope to witness realistic crowds in the stadium without any low or blurry resolutions.

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FIFA 18 Release Date: Ever since FIFA was launched, it grabbed all attention by releasing updated edition every year. Electronic Arts or EA Sports launched the game in the year 1993. Now that we know that the last installment was launched last year in the month of September, gamers can hope the next console FIFA 18 to get unveiled in the year 2017. And if at all the makers of FIFA follow their trend then the FIFA 18 release date will more specifically be in the month of September.