Best Benchtop Planer Reviews

These kind of planer are coming with a table that provides support to the wood. Although the table makes the weight of this planer little bit more than the other planer, at the same time it adds support and durability to the system. Also, you can carry them easily from one place to the other place. Here we are going to provide you briefly about some of the Best Benchtop planer reviews which are available in the market:

  1. Rikon 25-010 Planer/Jointer: So, in this kind of planer you will find the table which is made up of aluminum. This will provide support to the planer and at the same time will support the wood and therefore make the work easy. This also reduces the vibrations which in other way reduce the noise which is coming out of the system. You can get a maximum depth cut of 1/8 inch with this system.
  2. POWERTEC PL1251 12-1/2-Inch 15-Amp Planer: This one is coming with the handle which is present on the rights side of the system and with the help of this system, you can easily move this from one place to the other system. There is no need for any other coworker support to carry this from one to another place. There is a spindle lock which is used to lock the machine before replacing the blade.
  3. DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer: One of the main features which are coming with the Dewalt product is the warranty. You will find a good warranty on this system. The motor is of 15 amp with 20,000 RPM speed. The cutting area consists of 3 blades and this provides you 90 cuts from each square of the wood. Also, the system is light weighted. So, you can carry this easily from one place to another place.
  4. Shop Fox W1754S 20-Inch Planer with Spiral Cutterhead: Here, you need to pay quite more but your investment is of complete worth. This one is coming with a mobile base which is very strong and you can just slide it very easily from one place to the other place. The weight of the planer is 900 pound but when you slide it, it seems like weightless. The planer is coming with a table lock and also the extension wings and these extension wings can be used to increase the size of the table.

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