The most awaited game of 2016: FIFA 17

The most astounding factor may be the inclusion of a story at the beginning of the gameplay. If you haven’t yet checked out the YouTube video featuring Alex Hunter, you are missing out an important part of your gaming life. Quoting Marcus Rushmore, “The FIFA 2017 Journey reminded me of my own career”. Official websites have already confirmed the release of FIFA 17 for multiple consoles on 29 September 2016. So instead of wasting more time, let us jump staright into the gravy.


What’s new?

Quite unlike the previous versions FIFA is introducing staggering changes into the game. Firstly, let us start with the different versions of the game. Which means you can now play in a standard mode, deluxe mode and a super deluxe mode. The main difference being the Gold Packs (1 for each of the 20 weeks which is worth $60 USD and 3 match FUT, one star player per week for 20 weeks) which are only available for the deluxe editions. The standard edition carried 5 FUT Draft Tokens for 5 weeks (1 per week).

Experience your own story

Aside from new characters, each with their own stories you can enjoy an amazing array of grungy soundtracks which were missed till the last released edition. FIFA 2017 is also coming with a smoother gameplay. To enable such seamless gameplay FIFA is reinventing itself with a Frostbite engine. This has been accelerated by Konmai’s Pro Evolution Soccer that scored at par with FIFA during the Metacritic Scoring sessions on PlayStation 4.

What platforms will the new game support?

It should be mentioned here that FIFA 2017 will be initially be launched for PS4 and Xbox 360. The later versions of the game will also be released for PC gamers. The minimum requirements for the same will be a Windows 7 64 bit platform with a 4 GB RAM and minimum of 16 GB space in the hard disk drive. The player can choose between an Intel or AMD CPU with Core i3-550 3.2 GHz and Phenom II X3 715 respectively.

Authenticity 360 degrees

With the Frostbite engine you can expect authentic, expressive actions and a story-driven experience. FIFA 2017 will allow the players to immerse in an engaging gameplay without any clauses.  Frostbite offers an emotionally heightened and authentic experience complete with realistic stadiums and audience. Experience an amazing plethora of players from Anthony Martial to James Rodriguez, where each move and each decision can be personalized. You can navigate through the stadiums, locker rooms, personal rooms and practice fields, which was never experienced before in a FIFA game.

Pre-ordering and release

Pre-ordering from EA Sports is now opened for FIFA 2017 for the ones who want to grab their first copies of the upcoming game. The pre-ordering includes offers of getting up to 40 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and several other FUT contents. Although 29 September is the launch date for the rest of the world, USA can enjoy the release two days earlier (27 September 2016).