Our List of iOS 12 Supported Devices: Check All Details

Apple’s iOS 13 has been something amazing that the tech world came across last year in 2017. After bidding farewell to last year, fans are now in the hope of Apple’s next flagship operating system, the iOS 12, which is tipped to release this year….

WWE 2K19 Wishlist

3 WWE 2K19 Wishlists Fans Want to See This Year

WWE 2K19 Wishlist: Despite the raging success carried forward by WWE 2K19, the gameplay has to go through a lot of tweaks and customization options, and to must say, those are plentiful. Years have passed ever since fans are awaiting an inventive and a genuine…

Top GPS watches

Top 3 Budget GPS Watches for the Fitness Freaks!

Fitness should be the part of our daily lives, where, in the pact schedule of our apparent unhealthy lives, we need to keep up with our strength and stamina. Those who are starting to take care of their health must be in need of the…

iOS 11 download

How to Fix Various Freedom Apk Not Working Issues

Freedom is an app that has been a great help for all the users regarding unlocking premium features, and buy multiple levels, powers, and coins on games; as well as locking certain apps that can take away your time and play with your productivity. But,…

5 PS5 Expected Specs that Every Console owner needs to know

With the much-anticipated gaming console, fans can speculate the console to rediscover console game, thus taking it to a different level. It has almost been 23 years since the first gaming console of Sony was unveiled for serious gamers, and now the time has yet again unraveled…

latest news of Borderlands 3
Xbox 2 specs

Here’s how Microsoft Engineers Designed Xbox One X!

Ever since the gaming console was rumored, Xbox One X has massively been anticipated with new updates and designs. But with the E3 Press Conference, we have been offered with the official name for the console which was previously speculated as Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio. However, Project Scorpio remains to…