The Apple Pencil of the iPad Pro 2 Might be Quite Striking

ipad pro 2 will be having a better apple pencil

Way back in the year 2015, one of the largest tech entities, Apple rolled out the first ever iPad Pro which featured a screen of 12.9-inches. Everything about the tablet was extremely striking and especially the outlook of it as it successfully grabbed attention and got into the good books of almost every buyer. Soon after that in the year 2016, the tech giants of Apple rolled out the other edition of the iPad Pro which featured a screen of 9.7- inches. The edition of the tablet won over hearts once again and now people are just wanting to know what exactly could iPad Pro 2 sport or come up with. The features of the next tablet in the iPad Pro series is certainly going to be powerful than the 9.7-inches and the 12.9-inches edition of the iPad Pro. But exactly could the tablet sport? However, there are definitely innumerable and countless features associated with the iPad Pro 2 which are getting discussed among every user.

And people who have already used the iPad Pro are envisioning the iPad Pro 2 bear some some of the latest and advanced features. Nevertheless, the 9.7-inches variant of the iPad Pro was appreciated more than the previous edition and some of the users even compared the tablet with the awesome iPad Air 2. However, people appreciated the 9.7-inches version more than the 12.9-inches version because the former tablet sported a way faster CPU than the other edition. Even the camera specification of the 9.7-inches was much better than the other varint of the iPad Pro tablet. However, the 9.7-inches edition of the tablet was even the first one to sport the amazing True Tone Flash along with the awesome Retina Flash. And now the second generation of the iPad Pro is envisioned to bear a first-rate Apple Pencil.

ipad pro will have a better apple pencil

Some specs even state that the Apple Pencil of the iPad Pro 2 is going to be one of the most striking things regarding the second generation iPad Pro. Apple Pencils have anyway mesmerized the users and a striking one would surely leave them in awe. Even the colors in which the Apple Pencil might be available in has been speculated which indicate that the colors would be Rose Gold, White and Black.

Some rumors say the 12.9-inches as well as the 9.7-inches screen would remain with the iPad Pro 2 and on the other hand, some specs point out that the tech giants may include a 10.7-inches and a 7.9-inches variant for the iPad Pro 2. However, none of the news have been confirmed until now but we can expect the display resolution of the second generation iPad Pro to be powerful than the original iPad Pro.

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Even the GPU speed of the upcoming iPad Pro is envisioned to be quite great and even the CPU of the tablet is envisioned to be highly awesome. Therefore, we can envision several more revamping for the forthcoming iPad Pro 2 which would be highly awesome to look at.